Lead Abatement Leads

ThriveOne provides the highest quality lead testing and abatement leads.

Our lead generation platform enables you to capture high converting mold leads directly to your phone.


When a homeowner suspects that lead has been used in their home, they search online and find one of our websites. They call our number or fill out a “request for quote” form. Their call or form submission is then routed directly to you and ONLY you.

How We Do It
It’s never been a secret on how we drive our leads! We apply a variety of internet marketing methods such as Paid Search, SEO and Local Map Results to our own websites.


  • Live, exclusive phone and form leads
  • Lead Abatement lead costs vary per city, but will always be within your Allowable Cost.
  • No setup fees
  • No monthly fees

Check out our ROI Calculator to see just how much you can make with our system!

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